Well, This Is Weird…


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It’s been exactly two years since I last posted something here, and to be honest, it’s a little strange looking back on it. When I wrote here last, I was just out of college and was trying to build a portfolio in the hope I’d somehow get a job, let alone one that had me writing for a living.

A lot has changed since then. Now I’m two years into writing and editing Simply Zesty and with it are a lot of experiences and moments that helped me improve. Some of them were pretty hard and sometimes embarrassing lessons, but I feel I’ve emerged from it a much better writer than the me of two years ago.

Reading through everything I wrote here is like going through old stuff in the attic. Some things I look back with fondness, while others make me wonder what I was thinking. Either way, it’s made me want to revive the blog as a side-project, and bringing it from something that was just about videogames – something I used to play quite often two years ago but rarely touch now – to something more general.

So I’m promising myself that I’m going to revive and update this blog semi-regularly. The ideal aim would be weekly, but considering my schedule, bi-weekly might be a more reasonable aim.

Will I keep it up? Who knows, but I’m going to find out either way.


4 thoughts on “Well, This Is Weird…

  1. When if first saw this post in my reader, I thought for sure it was going to be an excellent post of ‘Room Makeovers’ lol….

    It has been more of a post about persistence and life lessons and the premise that going through the hard stuff really does teach you valuable lessons if you just stick with it and don’t give up! Actually, I guess even if we sometimes do give up, we still learn some pretty good lessons from that too.

    Great post, hope you do visit on a regular basis.

    Miss Lou

    • Ha! I’m really sorry it wasn’t a room makeover post (refurbishment isn’t really my thing), but thank you for the kind words. Everything’s an experience, good and bad, so it’s up to us to make the most of it and learn from it.

  2. I recently came across some of my first articles for the Observer and cringed so hard. I’ve no idea why anyone let me keep writing! I’m sure everyone looks back the same way.

    Looking forward to seeing more updates from you! 🙂

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